iPic Theater MidPike - City Perch Restaurant

iPic MidPike

As you enter the space you will take the Escalator to the second floor where the Ticket Counter is located. You will immediately see City Perch. The Lounge seating creates a comfortable feeling throughout the space which also connects to the bar. The Balcony is a main feature especially in the Summer and Spring. The upper level lounge next to the bar has Dimensional Woven Branches that envelope the space. The Bar is a meeting space where people can gather and connect with each other especially when the locals gather within the neighborhood.

The Kitchen/Bar has an Oyster bar as well. Maryland is known for its crab and oyster seafood. The Main Dining Room is a popular spot for lunch and dinner and has comfortable and private spaces for people to gather.

The Private Dining Room is a Wine Room for Office and Family gatherings.The Service Counter in the main hallway is a place where people can order food and drinks while on their way to the theaters. The Theater Hallway has Featured Artwork that was designed by our own Artist.

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