Louie Bossi - Boca Raton, FL

Louie Bossi in Boca Raton was under Construction in 2015 and Opened in 2017. The Restaurant is attached to the Hyatt Hotel. We were able to present our concept to the Community Appearance board with the Finishes, Furnishings and Fixtures that were Approved.

Immediately upon entering you will see the Pastry Chef at the corner window. The Kitchen is open and the Chef and Kitchen staff is busy cooking. The Charcuterie is at the Main Window where people have visibility to the staff and the Outdoor Patio. The Main Dining Room is Open and has Visibility to the Bar which is also open to the Outside Patio. The Rear Dining Room has a Vintage Feel with a Fireplace and Sculptures located in Niches Throughout the Space.

The Outside Patio has an Open Space with Vintage Furnishings, Lighting and Classic Style Windows that we found on our Shopping Excursion. There is a Vintage Gazebo that hosts Family and Friends Functions as well as Communal Booth Tables. A Firepit surround where people can gather in the cooler weather.

Louie Bossi has become a Popular Location for Brunch, Lunches and Dinners.

Louie Bossi

Boca Raton, FL

Louie Bossi